Posted by: moviechat | February 14, 2007

The Story of Rocky

alright, lets get down to it, the first episode of Movie Chat, Musaed & Fahad welcomes you to our new show, The Podcast the talks about movies here in Kuwait. we will see you every Wednesday with new movie topics, so stay tuned.

The Legend is Back, it does not matter he is almost 60, he is Rocky, and he is back and we love it, here is our thoughts and memories with the champ.
Plus bonus stuff about whats coming your way in 2007, enjoy the show, popcorn on you 🙂


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  1. mabrooooooooooooooook for the Movie chaat LOL ..

    and Hii Fahad ;D nice to hear you ;p

    thanks for the efforst … wayed 7ilooo el episode .. and the whole information was soo niiice … shawagtooni wayed ene ashof the movie .. rocky .. m3ana im not a fan of fighting o demaamen o chethe movies .. laken u made it seem WOW .. inshalah i’ll see it one day 😉

    keep it up Guys ..
    and thanks again sweets

    Good night & sweet dreams ZzZZz

  2. Thank you Badoor, always a pleasure hearing from you, we have a lot in store for you so stay tuned, the Oscars are coming soon hint hint 🙂

  3. همممم
    مبروك على الموفي شات ،،

    بس في جم نقطة أحب أتكلم فيها !
    لم يظلم أي فلم كان حوالينه فورست جمب بل ظلم فلم فورست جمب بأنه قورن بالأفلام في سنته !

    شوشانك ريدمبشن
    أحد أكثر الأفلام عبقرية في تاريخ السينما إن لم يكن الأفضل بعد العراب ،، نصيحة للجميع كونوا من مشاهديه فهو قصة خرافية مجنونه حبكة و حكاية ..

    ولنا عودة معاكم

  4. Thanks Hussain. 1994 was great year for Oscars, Best picture nominees where Four Weddings and a Funeral, Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show, The Shawshank Redemption, and Forrest Gump .All of them are great films and if they where in other years they would win the Oscar for best picture.

  5. SO SAD!! I had a problem listening to the episode. Downloading will be better.
    What can I do? :”(

  6. Solo: we are on the problem, Ali just added the download button just for you 🙂 let us now what you think

  7. Good job guys! Really good job!!

    I was very disappointed with Rocky Balboa! Didn’t like it at all!! 😦

    I’m looking forward for 300and the Scene Stealers.

    I can’t wait for the Pirates Of The Caribbean’s 3!!! I loved 1 and 2!

    And I want to see Spiderman 3 as well even thought it’s not a priority in my list!

    I heard good stuff about the Black Snake Moan from my friends. I’ll take your advice and check it out.

    His Dark Materials trilogy is something to look forward to as well. I love Nicole Kidman so if the movies are not that good I’ll be enjoying a good acting at least!

    Harry Potter is another great one for sure! If I don’t get it, my daughter and my husband will make sure I will!

    The Shawshank Redemption is a good movie!! I have to agree with you. If someone hasn’t seen it, go get it and watch it. I think most movies Morgan Freeman is in them are in the category of being a great movie!

    A Few Good Men is not my type of a movie! But I have to say great cast, and well made!

  8. Nora-Cassandra: thank you so much for you encouragement, we need it, 300 looks like an amazing movie, the cinematography alone worth the admission price. His dark materials supposed to be big, Daniel Craig (the new Bond) in it as well. Try to give a few good men a chance it’s really worth your while, by far one of the best courtroom dramas since 12 angry men (or is that jury drama)

  9. ana za3lana :”””””””””””””'( ..
    sawait new design for you guys * movie chat * and all of a sudden kel shay raaaa7 :'(((((((((((((((((

    i didnt save anything men awal mabedait … My fault 😦


    i’ll do it all over again bacher enshalah …
    maybe i’ll do it better tomorrow enshalah
    * yeaaaah im feeling pitty for my self 😦 * ..

    meta e9er next weeek abe new episooodes ;(

    anyways .. just felt angry shwaya cuz etsakar el photoshop ebro7a o ra7 3alay sheqli :’//

    anyways .. keep up the good work guys looking forward to ur next movie chat episode

    anddd .. Good night for now ZzZZz

  10. Badoor: gosh I hate it when that happens, you spend all this time and poff, it goes a way, any ways, today is anew day, I am sure you willdo it even better this time 🙂 keep your head up

  11. Guys… I’ve been waiting for this from you two… niiiiicccceee job.. I would expect better episodes in the future.. practise makes perfect… keep up the good work…
    luv ya


  12. You two were great!!!!

    Fahad, you were realllly into this! hehehe

    Can’t wait till you guys release your next podcast! OSCARS, HERE WE COME!!! 🙂

  13. I believe deleating Adrian from the story was the best thing Sly ever did to the Rock Saga, it was great watching the movie, although you guys missed one huge downside in the movie: the entrance music of Rocky was this lame song, and not “eys of the tiger” or any Rocky theme we used to hear each time he intered the ring…..!!!

    I might say you got quite a feed back when we heard the podcast, although we didn’t agree with some of what Musa’ad said regarding the Rocky stairs scene at the end….

    no one had this “triumph against failure, and people doupting and bitting your failure so I need to climb the stairs to prove them wrong” idea when we saw the scene, I was thinking all these people were climbing just to do it as “Rocky” did, nothing more nothing less, simply because Rocky is Rocky…..!!!

    anyhow, good work and keep it up, or you’ll find competition…..!!!

    Hisham say Hi….

  14. thank you for you feedback, you are right, the intro for rocky was SOOOOO lame, we needed “eye of the tiger” big time. we had a lot to say more but for the sake of time, some things had to go.

    there is a book called rocky stories, it talks more about the meaning of those stairs for average Philadelphian, it makes a good reading regarding the subject. check it out.

    Note: I wish if he would have killed paul as well 🙂

  15. hehehehehehehehe, nah poor pauly, he was the sole thing that kept reminding us it’s a Rocky movie, he didn’t change a bit all of these years, I wouldn’t mind if sly choose to marry Pouly instead of adrian, it would’ve been an upgrade than her, I don’t know why, but I hate her so much…..!!!

    about the stairs, sly himself said that but the trueth is, people don’t care about these things, it’s imitation and play roling…..!!!

  16. ::Deera Chat Family::
    Oh! I really do appreciate it guys for the download, I know i’m VERY VERY late to comment on this, sorry :/
    Anyway, nice to meet you Fahad and i’m glad to have chatting with us. Oh, many movies movies in 2007 I just can’t wait to see them all =]

  17. Solo: thank you Solo welcome back, 2007 is full get your popcorn ready 🙂

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