Posted by: Deera Chat Family | February 18, 2007

Whats your take on the Oscars this Year?

What’s your take on the Oscars this year, who you think should win? Who do you think will win? Do you even like the Oscars? Over 140 nominees’ is a lot to choose from and Movie chat would like to know your pick!

Note: Don’t know the nominees’, check them out at




  1. well,

    first of all, ignoring Mil’s efforts in Apocalypto in both directing and screen play is just another sign how curropt the Oscars are……!!!

    films as Childeren of men, click, the Queen, United 93, got nominations for no apparent reasons in my opinion, they sucked,

    Leonardo’s performance in The Departed was his best of all his movies, but they choose his role in Blod Diamond……!!!

    and back to Apocalypto, 3 nominations in a lower important categories is demeaning, they should aknowledge Mil’s genious…..!!!

    I got more but it feels I’ll be doing your job, so I will wait and hear what you have to say in regard to the points I said….

  2. I totally agree with you, I absolutely have no faith in the Oscar, Leonardo in the departed had more presence then jack Nicholson, but to the academy, its never about the acting, and yes Mil Gibson is a genius whether they liked it or not. please do share more with us, you are dead on 🙂 I think Fahad disagree with us, but lets hear what he have to say in the next episode.

  3. I don’t have a lot of comments on this subject. I agree with EXzombie! I do wish that Djimon Hounsou would win simply because i think he’s such a good actor and i just love him. I hope Forest Whitaker, Judi Dench and little Abigail Breslin would walk out with the golden man in their hands. But can’t say who is the best of all because i did like most of the acts!

    You should put down what you think! Or have a Chat talking about it! I love to hear you guys talking! Far here in Finland! 🙂

  4. Nora-Cassandra: Hi Cassandra, we will cover these points in our next episode, we think the Oscars is not much about acting but policitcs, I agree with you, the names you mentioned are sure a power house, but will see 🙂

  5. and to add a point… how can an actress be nominated for the oscars while she starred in a porn movie…..?!?!

    Helen Mirren, nominated for the best leading role in “Queen”, was in “Caligola”…..!!!

    also, the foriegn films nominations is the most curropt category in the oscars, the films always winning is a film that fights tradition and customs in other countries, and this year was not an exception, I nominate “Water” to win the oscar, but although it’s a great movie that I watched, the thing is it talks about a tradition in India where they arrange children marriage, wither I agree or not most of the films that won were of the same labour……!!!

    there are exceptions like “Roshomon”, “Samurai”, and “No man’s land”

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