Posted by: Deera Chat Family | February 21, 2007

and the Oscar goes to…

The Oscars are here, so we decided to make a special show for this event, we welcome you in the Kodak theater, with Movie chat: Oscar Special

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  1. yaaaay ‘m the first comment cool 😀

    anyhoo u guys talked alot :s loool but i liked it
    i do feel sorry for ryan gosssling he’s p against some breat actors .. i luv and i want him to win ,and i hope he does

    o ‘3er ketha jennifer hudson won alot of awards this year and i think to top it all of she might get the oscar…. buuuuuuuuut u never know
    and i like watching the oscars to see what the stars are wearing looool

    btw luv u guys :$ loool

  2. good job you guys .. i liked the episode wayed :))
    o alah ewafegkom o y36ekom el 3afya …
    keep it up

  3. Bal8ees: I know I promiss the next episode will be alot shorter :p but you its Oscar and Fahad is just crazy about it, for me the Empire award is more to my teste. about jennifer, you know with Oscar is not about acting but I sure love to see here win, we would love to know you predictions, so please do tell. thanks for your comments 🙂

    Badoor: Hello Badoor so tell me do you agree with me or Fahad 🙂

  4. I’m feeling so bad right now!! It didn’t play! and want to hear you guys!!! 😦

    I’m sure it’s a cool one as usual! I’ll try later again. I hope it’ll work then!

  5. it doesnt work :s

  6. wamenkom nastafeed no really great work guys vote gose to
    Kate Winslet i just so littel children and it wasn’t bad actually its a novel … i love kate i dont know why but i hope she can win this time..

  7. hii again ;D .
    okayyy , i kinda agree with you more ( Mesaed ) about oscars ..
    y3ne el celebration o el fun o dresses 6ab3an kel shay fun ..
    laken 9a7 el oscars mo meqyas ena this movie is a wow wela la sa7
    and yes el ta9weet can be a bad thing .. cuz aked ako tala3ob law 7ata like 50 or 40% bel ta9weet .. y3ne as you said im a director and i hate you ( another director ) so ma a9awetlick and you might be better and greater than another bad one im gona pick !
    * how mean ha ! *

    fahad i agree with you eb some here and there .. and man you sound like knowing everything about movies .. mashalah 3alaick ;D
    and you talk fast mashalaah alah y7af’6kom kelkom .

    yeah its long bas walah for me its nice ..khafefen so dont worry ;D

    ana za3lana :'((((( ma7a6aitaw my oscar design about this topic 😦 mabee za3aaalt :””( .. *teaars all over face* lol drama ha ! 😛

    anddd that’s it for now ..
    thanks again for you guys
    keep up the good work :))

  8. Nora-Cassandra, Yazeed: we had some difficulties with the file because of the size, we had to pull the file and resize it, its fixed now, so go a head and give it a try

    Cozy: I don’t mind Kate winning, at least she can act, Ill vote for her.

    Badoor: I’m glad you agreed with me, lots of good movies didn’t have their fair share of awards. I am saving your designs for a special post. next episodes will be shorter

  9. thaanks Musaed … 7abooonick ;D

  10. Thanks guys for fixing it!!


    Actress in supporting role: I would like Abigail Breslin to get even though I think Cate Blanchett.

    Actor in a supporting role: My wish is for Djimon Hounsou to get it!! Oh I’m in love with him but it has nothing to do with that!! 🙂 Well I think he won’t be taking it because like you said: it’s not black people’s year!

    Actress in a leading role: I love Lady Judi Dench’s acting and I think she is the best lady ever on screen! Like you said they are all such good actresses! Hard to say who’ll be getting it! But if I’m right Helen Mirren is the winner!

    Actor in a leading role: I agree with Fehad! Forest Whitaker is the one who should be walking out with the Statue of the Golden Man!! But you said it’s not Black people’s year!! May be it’ll be Peter O’Toole.

    Directing: I think it might The Queen for Stephen Fears will be the winner of this category! But the Letters From Iwo Jima is the movie I hope to win! Like you said Clint Eastwood has won before so he most probably won’t be getting this one! I will be disappointed if they give it to Martin Scorsese for The Departed!

    Best Picture: I say The Queen again! It might also be Babel, but I do wish again for the Letters From Iwo Jima will be the one would get it!

    Very good podcast guys! I love listening to you! I do think I haven’t been listening for interesting people from Kuwait for many years! Just hope you keep the good work guys!

  11. Can’t wait for the Oscars either, here’s my outlook:

    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
    Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy

    Black year or not, they seem to have really kicked some butt in Dreamgirls; and though I haven’t seen it, the fact that such a high profile movie didn’t get any other major nominations & the fact that they swept most of the other awards make them front-runners.

    Best Actress: Helen Mirren – it’s obvious.

    Best Actor: Now this one’s tough. Forrest Whitaker will probably get it, but Leo should get it for the acting and O’Toole for the legacy and having never won an actual Oscar per se – but Oscars are Oscars..

    Best Director: Martin Scorsese

    This is his year.

    Best Movie: Babel

    The movie with least syllables usually wins.

    Must admit that out of all the nominated movies, Little Miss Sunshine, The Pursuit Off Happyness and The Departed are the only ones I’ve seen yet (been a lazy year), but I’m sure Babel’s my kind of movie and regret the day I didn’t go to The Queen every single day. But I feel that politics play a really big part in Oscars, and while I don’t believe in ethnic years I do believe that certain themes paint certain years.

    Regarding your expectations I hate to sound cocky but it’s veeery unlikely that Will or Abigail will win. I mean they deserve their nominations (which in my opinon is enough) but they’re just nowhere near as strong as their competition. Oh and what do you think Dakota will do if she finds out Abigail won an Oscar?!

    If I could have it my way, Steve Carrell would win for best supporting actor (even though he wasn’t nominated) and Little Miss Sunshine would get best director; but like I said, it’s politics.

    And I really don’t want to have to sit through another Whittaker speech ‘ Uh .. Uh .. Thank .. Uh .. ‘-for God’s sake learn a sentence! Pan’s should get a proper nomination (though I haven’t seen it, but it looks sweet).

    Anyway great job and sorry for the long comment but I guess you’re bound to attract other self-acclaimed movie buffs with a post like that.

    PS. Meryl got one of her oscars for Kramer Vs Kramer which you should definitely watch if you haven’t already (Dustin Hoffman got best actor and the movie best director/movie.. I think).

    PSS. It’s ‘Dane’ Judy Dench (sorry, had to)

  12. Nora-Cassandra

    First do you know very famous Hollowed director and producer who is from Finland (he made a film with sharks)?
    Letters From Iwo Jima is a great movie but I think it will not win an Oscar for best film. As “Another Movie Fan” said it is Martin Scorsese year. Last, Helen Mirren deserve an Oscar for here performers in the Queen but I have a problem with any one who was involved in Caligola , and that mite effect here chance for the Oscar.

    Another Movie Fan

    Dreamgirls is great movie and it got the most nominations for Oscars this year (8 Nominations), but not for best film. This is a signs for recognizing the film but hollowed do not like to give a comedy or a musical for best film.
    Last Kramer Vs Kramer is great film. It was nominated for 9 Oscars and won five of them. Best Film, Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman), Best Supporting Actress (Meryl Streep) Best Director and Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium (Robert Benton is the director and Writer)

  13. You mean Renny Harlin?? He was married to Geena Davis, and he did directed Die Hard 2! And the movie with the sharks you say was: Deep Blue Sea! 😀

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  15. i was going to ask the same thing that the comment above mine said .. i was going to ask you guys about Bollywood movies ….
    nothing about it in movie chat ? .. its a tottaly different side of movies .. its all in one movie .. musical .. action .. romance .. and drama …

    its just a suggestion .. and you can take it or leave it … i think you’re not fans of indian movies :S .. but i thought why not give it a try .. hehe

    thanks again ..
    cant wait till i get the next episode

  16. Badoor: I totaly agree, bollywood movies has a different teste to it, the colors, the songs, the dance, all bring a very different flavour to it, which one you like the most?

  17. Hii ;D …

    well i like alooot of indian movies .. but if we say like romance its *Veer-Zaara* so romantic and has some drama they say its a love legend movie .. and its about the love between Veer Pratap , an Indian, and Zaara Hayaat Khan a Pakistani…a love so great it knows no limits what so ever ! emathel feh Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta .

    and i liked a newly style of indian movies called (Salam|Namaste)
    its new in the indian movies .. the style and the story are new …
    y3ne its not like the tradition way .. la shabab young and they get married and like live the life of young ppl .. mostly amarican way chethe ..and yeah they talk english also in the movie .. mixed english and indian emathel feeh , Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta .

    walah waayed aflaaam 7ilwaa i cant remmeber bas i liked and enjoyed the music and the story and all in the ones i told you above .. ohh and the dancing .. wohoo shaY !

    great u liked my suggestion ;D
    me happy ;D

  18. Badoor: nice walla its been a while since a saw a good one. do you know Bobby?

  19. you can find indian movies in a shop in Jabriya area .. esma Bait el jabreya .. its the only one updated bel dvds .. نوعا ما !
    and .. la walah i dont know Bobby 😦 who’s that ?

    and isnt it wednesday today ..? O_o”

  20. lool u just uplaoded the episode ;D .. heheh thaaaaaaaanks ;*

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