Posted by: Deera Chat Family | February 28, 2007

The Dark Knight Vs The Man of steel

They are the most iconic comic figures known to us, their symbols are one of most recognizable symbols on the face of the planet, what’s makes them so great? What is the attraction to these characters? Why? Listen to our show this week to find out.

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Batman Vs Superman



  1. Hellooo ;D ..
    hehe another nice cool episode walah ..
    what about spider man 😦 .. laish y3ne ohwa b3ad 6ayeb o e7eb el khair 😦 .. hehehe Kidding although i like him ;D
    anyways about the superman and Batman .. i’ll pick Super man .. for the reasons Musaed said .. he’s all kind and all .. walaw ena ohwa shwaya i found him foolish at times laken he’s better in my personal oppinion :$

    about the movie of the week .i’d love to see this movie ..sounded more like my type !.. so i’ll do what u guys said ( Mesaed ) coffee/ hot chocolate …water ..i love horses too .. i used to have one in uae .. bas sadly we had to sell him and i was young i didnt know 😥 * mesaed i wana see ur horse 😦 peeez ;’/ what’s his/her name ? i wont say “it” for the horse *
    its a date movie ? .. sadly i’ll go with *banat eshofona* option
    or the most do-able is the candles and hot-chocolate and just enjoy it on DVD option ..

    and .. Fahad thanks to you too .. i’ll try to see ur recomended movie of the week too .. after watching Mesaed’s pick :PpP
    thaaaaaaanks alot for you guys ..

    Flying Hugs goes to both of you 😀
    enjoy the weekend

  2. i found that i have BIG FISH on dvd … but i didnt watch it .. so well after what Fahad said i’ll give it a try o ashofa ;D..

    i thought when you said pick of the week .. i thought its whats in the cinema in kuwait and you pick one … i didnt know they’re old y3ne o you recomend us to watch …

    and oh well .. THANKS wayed
    … o adree 6awalt ;$ …
    bye for now

  3. Badoor:

    we love Batman, he is an amazing complex character, to know batman, you need to read the comics books, thats when you start to understand the fullness of his character.

    you will know a lot about my horse and more in tomorrow’s episode of Deera Chat (don’t tell any one ;)) and trust me, you will love the horse whisperer

  4. yaaay …enshalah i’ll watch the movie of batman and i’ll watch superman once again .. and i might change my mind … bs Batman is kinda evil 😦 … i hate evil .. i like kind :PpP ..

    ok i wont tell anyone about tomorrow’s episode of deera chat about ur horse .. i wont 😀 .. hehe
    i’ll try to get the horse whisperer today cuz i didnt find it online ..
    7adick shayashtne ashofa .. men el wa9f its kinda my type .. i’ll watch it and tell you ;>

    and yeah i wont tell … ;P

  5. It took me 3 nites to finish Superman movie I hate it and i hate his Stupid character maybe he is good looking but not his acting ,Patman is from aristocrat family and he smart well educated i like his character alot, I didn’t see the new movie u’re talking about and thanks to you guys u ruined it LOL…

  6. Batman is sexy sexy sexyYyy!!
    superman on the other hand is a grown man that wears a red diaper.
    so no batman is my mine! hes smart and hot! cant ask 4 more
    oh n super rich too!

  7. Cozy:
    I agree the movie could have been a lot better, like a said its missing lots of action, no way matching Batman.

    Batman Rocks, at least with him there is a challange, Superman with all his powers still need help, so for me superman is trying to be normal, and batman trying to be super human

  8. Superman is lame

  9. I’m with Bozo. ;P

  10. Guys; you redefined movie critics for me.. this is the first time I think about Batman and Superman this way though I read many of their comics when I was young.. you openedn my eyes to a different view of looking to movies.. I thought the old Batman movies where good, but now I can see the misunderstanding committed in them.. True, I would like to see more of movies like Batman Returns (actually I need to re-watch it again).. History note, My older brother had been always superman, and I was always batman PpP.. I liked batman.. and even now I still like him with this new point of view.. He’s self made hero, he’s using his money to do good, and he’s super intelligent depending only on refined human powers, comitted training and strong self decipline.. I like that.. I don’t care what his real intentions are, because he’s totally good from the inside.. notice that he uses his urges for revenge by channelling it twards fighting crime (he could be a criminal otherwise).. So, I’m with the guys who prefer the Drak Knight.

  11. MAK:
    you are on the money man, totaly agree with you, you need to read No man’s Land, it will blow you away, amazing comic, public enemies is a really good one too. check it out

    Ras Alghol when of the smartest enemies of Batman, respects him so much that eventually led the the marriage between his daughter and Bruce wayne, his attitude brought him respect

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