Posted by: Deera Chat Family | March 7, 2007

Top 5 Swords Fights

From Kill Bill to star wars, swords fights are always fascinating for us, but which is best of them all, listen to our show to know our top five sword fights, and we would love to know yours, ON GUARD

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kill bill



  1. […] Movie Chat: Top 5 Sword Fights March 7, 2007 Posted by Deera Chat Family in Movie chat news. trackback we love Sword fights, but which are the best? what is your favorite fights? check out Movie chat latest episode to know our picks, and write us yours Click here to read about it […]

  2. i love the ones from pirates of the Caribbean!!

    can you say KICK ASS?! 😛

  3. MishMisha:
    sure you can

  4. Thanks for the episode. I like “By the Sword” for Eric Roberts. Cheers

  5. Princess Bride

  6. GodFather:
    nice pick we actually almost included that last fight iin the top 5, Eric rebort was something, he is busy with heroes now 🙂


    which scene from the princess bride ?

  7. Out of the question.. The Gladiator

    Note: opening this week.. “300”

  8. Faisal Husain:
    Gladiator is a really good one but which fight you prefer, i liked the one in the arena with the tigers

  9. Kill Bill did have some great sword fights, but I can’t seem to remember alot of legendary sword fights per se. My favourite sword moment without a doubt would have to be Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction and his weapon of choice ‘SWISH’! Zatoichi (yep its Japanese) had some cool fights. But when it comes down to fighting, nothing comes close to Morpheus versus Neo in the original Matrix-that’s when it started!

    Regarding the movie picks, Pelican Brief was solid, though I always thought of it as Conspiracy Theory 2 for some reason (both had Julia Roberts, both had twists).. Man on Fire, sadly, didn’t live up to its hype in my opinion, probably should’ve watched it before all the madness. In my opinon, best Denzel movie was Remember the Titans, classic! Everytime I remember it ‘Aint no mountain’ starts playing in my head.

    Hate to be so anal, but it’s ‘En Garde’ (trust me, you’ll thank me for this later)

  10. Another Movie Fan:
    thank you for your comment, the Matrix was full of nice fight, I personally love the one with “Smiths” in reloaded,

    I loved remember the Titans, but then again I am crazy about football, so any movie that has football in it, I’m there, but the movie was very good, and you are right, the songs sure stuck in my head for a long time “nah nah nah nah, hay hay, good bye”

  11. I agree with Mishmisha.. Pirates has very cool fight in the smithy (part1). Also The Gladiator where they coperate to fight the roman legions in the arena is a best for me. altough I agree with you guys on your selections. guess you need to make a larger list.. something like the top 10 would work better.
    as for your recommendation.. I agree, Julia is better in The Pelican Briefs than in Conspiracy Theory.. but I still need to re-watch Man on Fire to vote..
    BEST Critics ever…. You Rock Guys…

  12. MAK: initaly we thought of doing that but we thought Top 10 will bore people, I do agree with there lots of them out there specially in Gladiator.

    I loved the Pelican Brief and also All the president men another great flick.

    thanks for the moral boost man, we appreciate it it a lot MAK ROCKS

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