Posted by: Deera Chat Family | March 12, 2007

George Lucas, Father of Star Wars

He is the brain behind Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, his imagination inspired millions, he is George Lucas and he is our topic for this week’s show !

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  1. and the oscar goes tooo … MOVIEEEE CHAAAAAT .. *claps*
    hehehe .. interesting e9ara7a i know if i go and read about anyone i’ll feel bord .. bs you made it sound like a story wela salfa 3an wa7ed … good job 🙂

    and i like the new timing 😀 .. i was trying to make that point ( about the old timing which was only in weekends ) in my old comments .. glad you got it and changed it LOL ;P *flying hugs*

    keep it up .. have fun
    and take care always 🙂

    off-topic : Mesaed i didnt find the Horse Whispere
    off-topic again : are cartoons and animations part of Movie chat ? wela its only for movies? *shy* ..
    cuz they’re nice and the way they produce it and all .. the way they do the voicing of the charechters … i always wanted to do that :/ voicing of a charechter .. maybe one day with my designed cartoon who knows .. 😉

  2. thank you badoor for you comments, as Ali said we thought it would better if we spread the shows to give more breathing room in between. with Movie Chat we try to make the show different by presnting different topics about movies, we had comparisons, Biography, top 5.. and so on, Glad you liked it, and appreciate the feed back.

    we are open to talk about any topics relating to movies, comics do qualify so stay tuned.

    with regard to the horse whisperer it is available in Hawali and Amazon, its really good

  3. Hello . Hawali there is none .. i gave it a chance and went there i hate it there! .. and called some shops that i used to get movies from they didnt have it .. the indian guy was like :
    hoz visperar ? .. i said yes .. he goes like : olaaaaaih ( i think he meant Olaaa ) .. haza vagid qadem .. enti yabi sof qadem ? .. i was like : do you have it or no ? and he was like No madam laa kolo zadid hene …

    i hope you can read the indian accent .. ;P

    thanks again .. i’ll check it @ amazon ..

    thanks again ..
    y36ekom el 3afya

  4. sorry for that, I wish I can lend you my copy

  5. i wish i can borrow it :Pp .. and if i like it never return it ..
    kidding … that’s sooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of you walah .
    thanks i’ll check b3ad one more time in kuwait aked ako 🙂
    or as you said the final thing is amazon ..

    thanks Mesaed 🙂

  6. ummm… who the hell is george lucas?!

    and i’ve never seen star wars or indianna jones
    is he like the producer or something? what am i missing?

    ok this makes me sound sooooo ignorant :/

  7. Hi MishMisha:
    I envy you, you didnt see starwars which means you get to experience it for the first time, you have to see star wars even if you don’t like these kind of movies, at least then you will know what the fuss is all about, did you know that star wars is declared a religion by lots of people in England! you have to see it. as for who george lucas is, will, you gotta listen to the show to find out 🙂

  8. He should be on an adidas AD saying ” impossible is nothing”

  9. eshda3wa:
    he is amazin, Mr Brain, by the way i like adidas ad about impossible is nothing, i think its one of the best ever

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