Posted by: moviechat | March 26, 2007

it’s A Classic!

what makes a movie a classic, the actors, the story, or the colors? join us in this weeks episode to know what do we think a classic should be!


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  1. Hii there πŸ˜€ shlonkom ? Miss you Movie Chat ..

    i think classic stands out .. for its language and then comes the story .. i studied languages and i leanrt that you can have like mathalan a scene and with a type of tone and language type ( like old english for example ) and you can have it the same scene bs etha tqayerat el language and the words picked in the scene will change it . and oh man .. cant denay the sound effects affect in the movie . wayed wayed wayed mohim hal faktar … madre as a lover for theme music and stuff like that .. i tottally agree with your Number 5 point …

    for the ending : i agree with both … mn na7yat Fahad that ena lestory aham shay to take me throu till the end .. and with Mesaed as for the twisted ending .. 7ata law kanat Happy ending .. but i like to be shocked at the end .. it feels so good i guess ;p

    alaaaah sound of music .. Fahad yala lets sing together ;P
    Do a deer a female deer
    Ray a drop of golden sun
    Me a name I call myself
    Far a long, long way to run
    Sew a needle pulling thread
    La a note to follow Sew
    Tea a drink with jam and bread
    That will bring us back to do oh oh oh ..

    Good topic ..
    y36ekom el 3afya
    and wish you all the best πŸ™‚

  2. notice how i typed the word faktar hehehehe i meant factor . its confusing when typing arabic in english letters and vice verca.

  3. Hi Badoor
    I, Musaed cant read Arabic in English, I always need some one to translate πŸ™‚ so tell us what are you favorites classics?

  4. from the one u mentioned is ..
    sound of music ..
    lord of the rings is kinda classic if we take the language part and the twists in it althou the quality and the graphics used are new but it is well used and great …. man i didnt like the fiction movies .. but when i was force to watch lord of the rings when i was traveling they had only this movie that was in english in the plain and im the type of person who doesnt sleep in cars , plains , trains … whatever it is i stay up even if its late and im sleepy .. so el mohim i watched it in the airplain .. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it .

    y3ne few more that i cant recall now … but i admit im not sooo into classics .. but im a bit picky .. cuz i didnt get used to watch alot of them .. u can tell i watched the new classics or maybe the re-made classics of a classic …

    thanks ..
    wish you luck all day long πŸ™‚

  5. Badoor:
    will by now you relize that Fahad and I have a complate different teste, so if you want my take, Ill say watch Casablanca, the Big sleep, Pillow talk, some like it hot. you should love those.

    as for the language in the movie, Casablanca has the best screen play ever. lord of the rings has solid writing as well, example “in the mirror you will see many things, things that were, things that are, and some things that has not yet come to pass”

  6. thaanks Mesaed , i’ll make sure i get those asap .
    i read Casablanca when i was in collage but it would be very interesting watching it all over again .. cuz i kinda forgot some bits of it .

    you rock .. thanks again alot

  7. you guys are doing an excelent job , god bless you all and give you what you are asking for. what i think is needed in deera chat isa kuwaiti women or girls tone !!!!. once you do that you guys will be in bussiness, believe me .

    good luck πŸ™‚

  8. GOD FATHER!!!! πŸ˜‰

    And I think every movie that has few points that make it unforgettable, then it’s a classic!

    I love both of the lists! I agree with you guys! πŸ˜€

  9. Mohamed:
    thanks man, appreciate your feedback, and we are waiting for that women touch to come a long, who knows πŸ™‚

    Noracassandra: we love to know your list of top 5 classics, plz do share

  10. Badoor:
    did you know that there is a Part II book for Casablanca called as time goes buy

  11. 1. Godfather (1972)
    2. The Lord of the Rings (all the parts together)
    3. Psycho (1960) (Alfred Hitchcock)
    4. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
    5. The Sound of Music (1965)

    Well those are few of my all time favorites! But in my opinion a classic movie is something that you will always remember well and even don’t mind watching again and again!

  12. I think what makes anything a classic, weather is books music or movies is its UNIVERSAL theme, as in it applies anywhere, anytime, and that mostly is emotion. The more the movie moves u, the more it leaves an impact, the more it would stand the test of time

  13. I should notify u about it.

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