Posted by: moviechat | April 2, 2007

Top 10 for 2006 & The importance of movie soundtrack!

Due to schedule problems, we could not record this episode together, each one of us is in a different side of the world, so we decided to do two separate segments and join them together in one episode. in this episode Musaed will talk about the importance of the soundtracks in movies while Fahad covers the best 10 movies of 2006, enjoy the show 🙂


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  1. You guys ROCK …
    it feels so GOOD when we use technology the right way !
    الله يكثر من امثالكم

    Mesaed :i LOVED your part this week .. im crazy about sound tracks myself sooo the episode was to my taste .. THANKS A ZILLION .. and the sounds you shared with us was sooo soooo sooooo beatifull you’re discreption also was amazing .. terga3 bel salama enshaalh .
    يعطيك العافية و قواك الله

    Fahad : Thanks for the list .. you made it easy to go have some dvds and watch for the weekends .. thanks alot Fahad :))) .. o Y36ek el 3aafya yarab . o eredk bel salama .

    o to both of you : etro7on o etyoon bel salama enshalah
    take care of yourselves and have fun always .. althou sounded like a work trip but try to enjoy the time there..

    take care always
    Smile 😀

  2. Thank you Badoor, there are so much more I wanted to play but we will keep it for future episodes inshalla. some of the movies Fahad mentioned I did not see yet, so I better catch up 🙂

  3. WOW!! Such a hard working guys like you deserve to have my full respect! Well you’ve owned from the first time I found you (by a mistake)… 😉

    I agree with you Ali on all points about the importance of sound tracks in the movies… I’m trying to imagine LORD OF THE RINGS with out any sound tracks or music!! Or THE GOD FATHER with out their famous sound track! I think I would never have fallen in love with any movie if it wasn’t for the music! I love your selection of music and symphonies! But one point Ali, I think not every one can imagine! Many need the picture then the music… So maybe not all will feel as much as some others by listening and using their imagination!

    Fahad: I loved the guide line and the rules you used in rating! I’m waiting to see the Last King of Scotland. It seems this movie is absolutely wonderful; it gets the highest rating from every country and person I know! I did like the cars and so did my daughter and my husband, BUT we all loved happy feet more (even that we are car lovers)!! I’m waiting for a chance to see the children of men, and now after what you said I want to see it even faster (advice I always give to my friends: NEVER watch a movie that you’ve read it’s book and liked it!!)! Thank you so much for the entire list! I will be watching everything I haven’t seen yet! 😉

  4. Noracassandra:
    Thank you for your comment, we will make sure we pass your compliments to Ali since he is not a presenter in Movie Chat 😛

  5. OH!! I’m so sorry! I ment Mesaed!!! My mistake! 😉

  6. Nora Cassandra:
    No Problem 🙂 so did you like being in the director seat?

  7. Fahad .. thanks alot for the list of top movies in 2006 …
    i just watched Happy Feeet .. maaaan it is more than just a cartoon
    v. well idea and the idea of dancing the happy feet and then humans looking at it from a diff way of view .. wow ..

    i liked it so .. and dont you agree they look sooooooooooo CUTE 😛 hehehehe

    adorable e9ara7a .

    Thanks again ..

  8. Happy Feet is good film, but as you said “they are so cute.” The production team depended on the cuteness of the characters more than the story it self. And we’ve seen lots of computer animated films about talking animals and environment. In other word the story and the characters are not original. This is why (even I love it a lot) I did not included it the top 10.

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