Posted by: moviechat | April 9, 2007

Why They Make sequels?

2007 is the Years of sequels, lots of them coming out this year, but is this a good idea? do we always want to see more of the same? two schools of thought, yes and no. we will go through both answers and see what can make or break a sequel!

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  2. Great show Musaed. Do you know that a sequel for Forest Gump is in production now. What do you think?

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  4. Hellooo Mesaed … shlonick ? tamam enshalah
    thanks for the episode … i personaly think that part 1 aham wa7ed then if it was real good i’ll wait for 2 n 3… but mo dayman its nice to wait for those cuz as you said we already know the story and such .. its basicly goes to the taste of the person .. and the staff doing the movie as a whole .. so i agree with you as in both sides i guess ..

    Miss you Fahad o next time esma3 kalam el ‘7al Mesaed 😛
    Terja3 bel salama enshalah :)))

  5. good epispde..
    i wanna know where do you stand on re-making movies such as the departed (best motion picture ‘oscars 2007’) and ocean 11…

  6. remake are ok if they have an added twist to the original, also a cast that live up to the orginal, the remake must be really good which is why they are doing a sequel, so you have to compate with the success of the original. some movies cannot be remade, like the Godfather movies, no one will dream matching that!

  7. The podcast is not working! I’ve been trying for hours (ok every 20mins) for the last 4 hours!!! But nothing! 😦

  8. You still didn’t fix it??? I’ll check it in the late after noon again!

  9. I’m happy Mesaed that you fixed the prob!! Really nice work even if you were alone! You did great! 😉

    I do respect good a good sequels!! But I think there are only some to be found! I hope the 3rd pirates of the Caribbean won’t disappoint me!

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