Posted by: moviechat | April 16, 2007

What does a movie producer do?

Every movie has a producers, plenty of them, but what do they do? what exactly is their function? who calls the shot in the movie? join us in this week episode as we discuss the question: what does a producer do?


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  1. hellooo Guys 🙂
    … 7emdelah 3al salama Fahad
    and Mesaed .. once i know the doc will remove my wisdom teeth .. i never showed up in his place again !
    soo it does hurt ha ?? be honest plz :/ .. did they have some needles in ur mouth ? druged it or so ? so wont feel a thing :’/
    i still have my wisdom teeth it hurts .. but .. well .. i guess im making peace with it .. but sooner or later i must take it off cuz its pushing the other teeth set and i dont really want my nice lined teeth to be like a mess :// god help you inshalah with ur pain..

    7emdelah you’re back together again .. o enshalah alah ekhalekom 7ag ba3a’6 doom :))
    a nice episode as always .. new information about how movies are made and a lot of tips on the producer intake ..
    thaankx alot .. o y36eekom il3afyaa
    waiting for more 😉
    enjoy ur day

  2. Badoor :
    thank you for your comments, it didnt hurt much and the I didnt feel the needle, I thought we is applying gel or a cream, I didnt feel the injection, and then I stop feeling my mouth, go do it and get it over with.

  3. you’re welcome walaw 😉
    oh i cant ‘not feel’ the needle :S cuz deep inside me i know there gona be a needle and somthing to pull it and .. ouch ! ;/
    i so hate the feeling of not feeling the mouth .. its a funny feeling but also i need the big push to go there and have it done walah .
    ana re7t o kel shay bas we9alt till the surgury thing o never should up a3teref i was scared . bs enshalah soon . thanks Mesaed so sweet of you .

  4. I knew most of the different producers and most of the problems between the directors and producers, but still this podcast explained many things that were not so clear for me!

    I almost always go and see the director cut every time I hear about one coming out! I can’t compare and tell who are my favorite producers and directors! I could say one of my favorite producers is Albert S. Ruddy… And director: Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock and Peter Jackson.

    Ps; I hate the titanic, I remember how girls were in love with it in KW and I had to get it to see it… But it was well made but not my kind of movie! 😉

  5. Noracassandra:
    thank you for your comment, we try to bring new info as much as possible, I keep telling people that we do not want to do the regular show about movie where this movie is number one and this one is number 10, we want you to dive into the world of movies and its secrets. hopefully we are doing that. thanks again.

    PS: F1 race was amazing, the best organizing job ever, I was really impressed, it was so loud, the BMW has the best engine sound, it made the stand shake, amazing experience. I have to say I didn’t like the results but thats racing. very interesting season ahead

  6. I do like the way you do your podcasts! They are the most interesting ever! I never thought I’ll be caught by some Kuwaiti guys talking about so many different and interesting subjects that normally not thought about!

    Ps; I hope some day I could make to Bahrain for the F1 race! I’m so jealous when I hear about people going every year, and I’m still watching it at home! For sure you know I’m with Räikkönen, and I’m glad he’s stronger this year!

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