Posted by: Deera Chat Family | May 7, 2007

Top 5 Battle Scenes

They are the spices of every epic movie, grand battles with two grand armies clashing together. in todays episode we go through our top five battle scenes. enjoy the show

minis trith
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  1. Hellooo Mi familia 😀
    shloonkom ?
    awal mara i come across a top list of battles ..its new for me and i kinda like what you came up with 🙂 good Job o Allah ewafegkom .

    i agree with you Musaed about 300 … i liked it .. but the point of sound tracks i thought its only me who didnt got the hit of the sound track .. it was ok .. not that WOW for the 300 .. right ? loved the graphics and the use of graphic design in the movie .. its so creative .. and the actors took a lot of hard training to get the shape they had so it was worth the pain .. and you can watch the training in and its just so hard Mashalah ..

    Gladiator is just one of the best .. i loved it so much .. i loved the details and everything about it .. although there were lots of blood that looked real ..

    Thanks alot for a Great episode ..
    thanks for the effort you put in for us ..
    and the Time for sure ..

    Allah ewafegkom enshalah
    till next week .. :)))

  2. Badoor:
    thank you for your comment, Gladiator works because it basically has every thing, story, acting, soundtrack, director, producer with money. every thing in it falls in place, it is difficult to do, thats why we do not see lots of movie standout like gladiator. what did you think of spider man 3?

  3. I liked the podcast! Interesting!!! I can’t remember my favorite battle scenes, but I do watch The Lord Of The Rings full trilogy at least 3 or 4 times a year!!! I think they had the best battles ever!!!

    I do remember the battle in the matrix and love it! I never enjoyed the star wars!! It’s not my kind of cup!

    But I will agree with the Saving Privet Rayan!!! I remember I saw it 5 times in the cinema in Kuwait! I did fall in love with that battle seen!!! But my pick of battle scenes are The Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy!!!

    I’m sorry guys have to pass from numbering my favorite battle scenes, because simply I can’t remember 5 that made that kind of impact on me!!

  4. See, men think of battles, women think of the aftermath of battles -the mess, the rubble, the death toll -so no battles came to my mind.

    But there is an interesting scene in Al-Resala, it was either ‘3azwat Bader or U7ud can’t remember, for it is the only scene that shows how our forefathers fought their battles – no mud, no guns, no water, just swords and spears under a scorching sun. Probably Zulu is the only movie that gives a similar atmosphere, except that it contrasts civilized and primitive forms of war weapons and tactics.

  5. i cant agree with you more Deera chat family ..
    i didnt have the chance to go to spider man 3 sadly .. cuz the timing for it in kncc was too late to go to last weekend when i wanted to go .. and instead i went for a romantic drama movie ..
    Griffin and Phoenix .. by Amanda Peet & Dermot Mulroney .. it was so touching .. i end up crying during the movie ..
    and i decided to get spider man 3 by dvd and enjoy it at home .. 7ayakom alah :PpP .. popcorn on me .

    im at work now .. BORD to death .. only today cuz its tuesday and the work system goes dead for some reason on tuesdays ..

    have a nice day .. and take care always you too ..

    p.s : no designs needed ? im free :””'((((((((((((((((((((

  6. we would love it if you can try another design for movie chat 🙂

  7. you mean logos ? Backgrounds ? .. ok i’ll try ;D ..
    i hate it when i have nothing to do .. and basicly im not crazy about going out ..
    you rock ..
    i’ll see what i can do …
    Thanks alot ..

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