Posted by: moviechat | June 2, 2007

1 day to the new Movie Chat!

well thank you all for the wait, but the wait is almost over, 1 day from the newest episode of movie chat, we have changed the format into brand new show, the main show will be coming to you on a monthly bases, but before you scream and cry, you will be happy to know that its an HOUR long show. each episode will have a different director, so each will come with a different flavor. the show will have everything, from topics, news, top 5, and many more. see you soon 🙂



  1. 😀

  2. WOOOOW …
    how did you know that im gona scream when i came to the line ” the main show will be coming to you on a monthly bases ” !

    one hour show is nice but then i have to download it and listen to it somewhere and then come back later and comment ://///

    but the important thinG is .. you’re baaaaaaaaaaack 😀
    (flying hugs everyone)
    i thought you’re gona have nemo in this episode :/ i love nemo :/ ..
    remember when Dora talked to the whale ? hahaha .. she speaks whalish ;pPp hehehhe

    anyways … thanks aloooooooot ..
    i appreciate all the efforst you doo for us 😀

  3. thank you badoor, i hope you enjoy the episode, and we are still waiting for those designs 😉

  4. inshalaah i will think of a new thing for you guys and send it as soon as i have it done 😉 …
    thanks again for everything :)))))

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