Posted by: Deera Chat Family | June 4, 2007

We are Back!

the wait is over, movie chat is back, with a new form. the show will come to you once every month, each episode will be almost an hour long, this will give us the time to better prepare for the show with more material, in addition to include much more in a show. each episode will come with a different flavor. in this episode we will talk about current movies, top 5 franchises, movie news, and more. with that said, we would like to welcome you and thank you for waiting for us, enjoy the episode. ITS SHOW TIME

Download Here: mp3 download button



  1. WOW .. LOved the starting line ..

    i actually came and listened to half of it .. and i’ll continue soon enshalah when im back .
    i really appreciate the efforts you do guys ..o alah ewafegkom fe kel khair enshalah

    you’re so into it mashalaah and i like it 😀 ..
    alah e7afe’6kom o ewafegkom enshalaah

    see you soon enshalah i’ll be back to listen to the whole thing inshalah

    have a nice week ..
    Have fuuuun .. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy that you’re back stronger than ever guys!

    I’m so excited about Tin Tin!!

    I don’t know if the untouchables will be as good as we hope! I do like Nicolas Cage too, but I’m not going to get my hopes up either! I will like to see the National Treasure! I did like The first one!!

    I didn’t like Rocky Balboa at all! I do hope I’ll like the Rambo! Those movies bring good memories as you did show!! 😀

    I’m excited for the second Hulk!! I love comics! And it’s been good seeing good movies coming out of the comics’ books that we loved as kids and still love them today!

    I heard some kind of bad revues for the Sipdy3!! I’m not even excited to see it anymore! I will be watching it on DVD….

    I love Johnny Depp!! Any movie he’s in I just love and have to watch! So even if you say that it wasn’t the best, I’ll still think I’ll be watching, and in other hand I do like confusing movies!

    I did hear god things about The Namesake but haven’t seen it yet! I think I should go and rent it!

    Well my 8 years old daughter will make sure we watch the Shrek3!!!

    I haven’t seen Ocean12 yet! And I do love Al pacino, but I love Julia Roberts as well so I’ll miss her!!! I think I’ll rent the 12 so I would be ready for the 13!

    When I met my husband he told me he haven’t seen the Godfather, and had to make him sit and watch it to understand my love for it!

    I’ll take Fahad’s side with most of his choices of the top 5!!! But I’ll be putting the Matrix back on the list!!!

    Loved the show!! Loved every minute of it too!!! Keep the good podcasts coming!

    Will be waiting for the next month’s episode! 😀

  3. Bedoor:
    What about the second part? did you listen to the second part?

    Go see Ocean 13 it is good film, and what do you think about Shrek 3.

  4. What do you think about our new format? Do you have any suggestion?

  5. where is the new episode ? 😦

  6. ohhh i forgot its a monthly system ha ..

    thanks again .. i downloaded the episode to my mobile last time and i listened to it .. but forgot what i wanted to comment on :S so yeah i’ll listen to it again enshalah and i’ll tell you what i wanted ..

    thanks again
    take care .. miss ya ..

    since early morning i was saying that today is movie chat day ..

  7. sorry to disappoint

  8. 13 days for the next episode ..
    if its gona be on 4th of july .

  9. coool!!

  10. yeah cool but sounds like forever !
    .. 8 days from today 😀 cool ha

    better to make it about animation this time :@


    good luck 😀

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