Posted by: moviechat | July 2, 2007

July Issue

This month we have a full show for you, we will talk about upcoming movies and review some that are out there, we also have a nice interview with movie collector who already spending thousands of KDs on his collection. also we have selected nice in between music which we hope you like, and finally we want to make sure that we sound good so we increase the sound quality, so be patient, and download the 50 MB (it an hour long show, and it worth it 🙂 )

enjoy. and ya, check out the collection pictures, follow the link

Download Here: mp3 download button



  1. mashkooreen waaayid 3ala hl majhood el 7ilo bs etha tismi7ooli 3indi mola7a’6a, mala da3i ettikallimoon kilma 3arabi o ethanya english coooz 7adda e’6aayig

    mafee mani etgi6oon ga6aaat bs mo kilma o kilma

    soory 3ala 9ara7ti bs ana 9ij 7abbait ur chat o widdi asma3a bidoon ma ati’6ayag

  2. Um 3abdilwahab:
    thank you for your comment, we appreciate your feedback, it is a force of habit, lots of terminology are in english and it sort of loses it content when translated to arabic. but we will try our best not to switch back and forth. (no promises 🙂 )

  3. laish mallion sina 3ala ma u speak bel interview? more specifically 60 seconds :p

  4. There should not be 60 seconds of silent. Please can you tell us when exactly the silent.

  5. laish mako episode ?
    shino el timing again … im lost :/

    movie chat should alternate with dinar chat .. right ?


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