Posted by: moviechat | October 9, 2007

October Issue

October issue us here, and we are talking about the next hot movie season, Xmas lots of big blockbusters are targeting a release date in Xmas. in this months Podcast we will review whats coming this Xmas in Kuwait and around the world, so stay toned and enjoy

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iron man



  1. Hellooo Guys πŸ˜€
    how are you doing ?

    oh 3edkom embarak ;D
    love the introoo .. you rock guys in the music selection you have .. i bet this was Mesaed choice ?

    Fahad i love Pixar too πŸ˜€ Ratatouille was just so cute and smart and just soooo nice .. although i kinda have trust issues with the cleanessness of restuarants lol .. thanks fahad πŸ˜€

    i want to watch the kingdom ! any news ?
    im not sure where i read this information but something like that this movie is banned from kuwait cinema company and the gulf .. but i dont think dubai will ban it .. dont know ..

    i didnt complete the episode cuz i have to go now .. but i will complete it soon ..

    p.s: guys we need some advertising for movie chat .. what do you think ?

  2. Thanks Bedoor for the comment.

    Kingdom is banned only in Kuwait and Bahran. You can see it in Qatar, UAE, and Egypt.

    If you have any suggestion for advertising we will be happy to listen

  3. ohh yeah yeah bahrain …

    so lets go to dubai and watch it ? fahad are you comming ? :PpP

    why did they bann it in kuwait ! ppl did major efforts in it and they easily bann it .. that’s pure silliness … anyways ..

    mmm maybe having a banner in the msn messenger about movie chat ? sometimes i see stuff like that in it .. and i can make designs for you .. let me think .

    if you have ideas also tell me/email me…

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