Posted by: Deera Chat Family | December 7, 2007

December Issue

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As usual Movie Chat Family is coming to you with its monthly issue of what you movies you should wait for in 2008. we have looked into a long list of movies and man you have to expect a lot .. anyway we don’t wanna reuin it for you hear … stay tuned and listen to us to find out the rest.

Also you can look into the following links for upcoming movies:
1- /film 55 must see movies
2- Yahoo movies list
3- MTV anticipated movies



  1. Hiiii 😀
    I’m downloading the episode on itunes and sure gona have it on my ipod .. to listen to it tomrrow on the way for work ;)) .. yeah i got bored a lil from the holiday .. i miss work .. but not the ppl in it ! yekh ..

    anyways .. something really bugged me today ! .. did you know that you cant take food from anywhere into the movies ? i mean its either you buy their food and they allow it .. or no .. today i had to hide crispy and Kream’s doughnuts in my bag .. and yeah if you’re holding coffe other than the one they sell you cants enter ..
    but if you hid it and went in then you’re in 😛 ..

    i didnt risk it with coffee in my bag .. but yeah the coffe they sell is like .. Okaay .. if u skipped the taste part ! yekh ;/ .. oh and its FULL CREAM MILK they’re using .. they dont say they dont have skimed milk but they use full cream and they dont tell you that what u asked for is not here .. they just use it and u buy it .. today i knew it ! … :@ yeah im angry today ..

    but oh the movie waas niice .. i went to National Treasures : The Book of Secrets .. enjoyed it :)) ..

    when is the animation’s episode ? .. if you’re taking time in researching i can help too *big shy face* ..
    and yeah Bee Movie is just soo cutee 😀

    yeah well ..thanks for the episode .. its in my ipod for tomorow 😀
    enjoy you’re work and keep up the good work 🙂

    thanks again .

  2. مجهود رائع , يستحق الشكر .

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    بالنسبه للفئات الي ذكرها احد الاخوة عن استحالة ترشيحها , شخصيا ما اشوف هالشي , ناخذ الرعب كمثال , شنو فيلم الرعب الي يستحق يفوز بأفضل فيلم في السنوات الأخيره ؟ أغلبها أعمال رخيصه مقتبسه من أفلام يابانيه ما يتعدى مستواها عن “جيد” , و اذا كان فيلم يستاهل , اكيد بيفوز , مثل اكزوريس او سايلنس اوف ذي لامبس .

    اييي و انا بذبحك لانك قلت جودفاذير الثالث سيئ P: .

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    يعطيكم العافية , بانتظار عدد يناير .

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