Posted by: moviechat | December 26, 2007

US Weekend Box Office

Nicolas Cage’s claimed the number one film in the US for this weekend, and it is the best openings of his career. The first National Treasure opened in November 2004 with $35.1M in the first weekend and over all US gross $173M, and $347M worldwide

Will Smith’s sci-fi I Am Legend dropped to second taken $140M in only two weeks and it should past the $200M mark.

Last, The Golden Compass dropped to ninth and grossed only $48.4M in the US but it is doing will in Europe and with estimation $100M worldwide.

1 National Treasure: Book of Secrets $45,500,000
2 I Am Legend $34,225,000 Cumulative $137,490,000
3 Alvin and the Chipmunks $29,000,000 Cumulative $84,867,000
4 Charlie Wilson’s War $9,620,000
5 Sweeney Todd $9,620,000
6 P.S. I Love You $6,505,000
7 Enchanted $4,152,000 Cumulative $98,351,000
8 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story $4,100,000
9 The Golden Compass $3,980,000 Cumulative $48,418,000
10 Juno $3,400,000 Cumulative $6,385,000



  1. Hello ..

    wow .. National Treasure : the book of secrets number 1 … walah to be honest i enjoyed iT.. :))

    nice new layout
    its feels so great to change from time to time ๐Ÿ˜€ … i like change ;P … but i know how much the efforts and time considered .. God’s bless inshalah :))

  2. i saw # 1, 2, 4 and 9 and they suck big time. 4 also was irritating in the sense that they made people shout “Allah Akbir” then the congressman said yeah Allah Akbir with a stupid smile. as a Muslim and An Arab individual, I find it annoying. with showing his butt off, I started to disrespect Tom.
    PS I love you was romantic;) but too long for me in which i left the show before its end.

  3. BeDoOr

    Thanks a lot for youโ€™re support and I hope that you like the new look.


    Next episode we will review National Treasure, I Am Legend, and The Golden Compass. I recommend you to see Juno # 10, it is great film.
    Now there are lots of movies in production about Arabs and Muslim, and only few of them will nice to us. Next film about Middle east is Oโ€™ Jerusalem

  4. Feeh shay horror ib hal movies? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Sorry there are no horror films in the top 10, but the best two horror films this year are 1408, and Dead Silence. Did you see them?

  6. Eee shift Dead Silence. Bas 1408.. not yet.

  7. I want to watch 4 , 5 , 7 , 8 and 10 .

  8. Nat’l Treasure and Golden Compass were not very good, I thought. Bad editing. Juno is very good. Dewey Cox looks very funny, but I haven’t seen it yet.

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