Posted by: moviechat | January 5, 2008

January 2008 issue

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In this issue, we are saying goodbye to 2007 by reviewing the good and bad and the ugly for this year of “threequles”, but don’t forget, there are small movies that you should not miss. check it out and Happy new year



  1. good jop

    فقرة ترشيحات الأوسكار كان لازم تمدد شوي , بالنسبه لي أتوقع أفضل فيلم هالسنة بالأوسكار بيكون :

    best picture : ( no country for old men – American Gangster – there will be blood – Juno – Atonement ) and NCFOM will win

  2. 100% I agree with, and all of them are good films. That shows 2007 is a good year for films. What is you’re best and worst 2007 film?

  3. for the best i would pick NCFOM , it’s awesome and perfect , as simple as that , and of course Juno and Atonement would follow , wow not that easy to pick like every year .

    on the other hand , i hated I know who killed me the most this year ( and Lindsy gave the worst performance of the year in my opinion ), and i think that Transformers is the most overrated film this year and i know you will disagree cause i know you loved it , it’s just i didn’t see anything special , am not an VFX fan anyway .

    oh , one last thing , Cate is my fav in acting this year .

  4. I love No Country For Old Men, but I did not like the ending. About Transformers, Musaed loved it (his second best film for 2007) and Fahad hated it (He thinks it is one of the worst movie this year)

  5. Fahad , you are my friend 😛

  6. Good choices! You didn’t have any silly movies on your list. For example, I thought Mr. Brooks was a wonderful movie, but I don’t think I’ll see it more than twice. But I thought Hot Rod was a wonderfully silly movie and will probably see that several times. It will never win any awards, but it is really funny. Same for Reno 911: Miami.

    Two that I don’t think you mentioned that were higher class than Hot Rod and Reno are “Lars and the Real Girl” and “The Ten”. I don’t think they would show either of them in Kuwait. Lars is about a guy who thinks his sex doll is his girlfriend (but it’s really a sweet movie). The Ten is kind of about the Ten Commandments. I think it might be really offensive to some people.

    I guess we have to go see No Country For Old Men now. My husband has been nagging me for weeks and I don’t really want to, especially not if it has a bad ending. But your tastes are very similar to ours, so maybe we will enjoy it.

  7. omg guys i want your opinion about the rommanian movie ( 4 Months 3 weeks and 2 Days ) .

    It’s the best movie i’ve seen in 2007 , a MASTERPIECE .

  8. No I did not see the film. I really wanted to see it after winning Golden Palm in Cannes, but it is hard to find a copy with English translation. In the US the DVD will be out in JAN 25th and I will get a copy.

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