Posted by: moviechat | January 25, 2008

The loss of the real Joker!


The death of Heath Ledger came as real shocker to everyone, just when I finally found an actor who capture the true scary essence of the joker, someone who can tab into this insane psyche, I found him lost. Heath Ledger was full of talent and there was so much in him waiting to be explored, but all came at an end at the young age of 28.

No one thought that Heath Ledger will be the ideal choice for the Joker. However just by viewing the Dark Knight trailer alone I can tell you, they got it right. Its is not easy to adopt to this role, “its intense” as the late Ledger puts it, the crazy laugh, the anger, the violence, all terrifying qualities of the clown prince of crime.

The joker is not a comedian, is not logical, is not somebody you can understand, however, I can tell you this; he is a time bomb dying to explode.

It is sad that we will not see more of this real version of the Joker, but, rest assured, the single outing of this Joker, that crazy laugh, will put a smile on my face.

Heath Ledger R.I.P



  1. His acting in “The Four Feathers” deserved an Oscar. That man had talent. May he rest in peace.

  2. i totaly second that

  3. 😦 …
    has nothing to say..

  4. I totally agree he is such a big lost may he R.I.P

  5. the best joker alive. may he find peace in heaven

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