Posted by: moviechat | April 22, 2008


The showdown between two martial arts legends Jackie Chan and Jet Li as their new fantasy action film The Forbidden Kingdom opened at number one which grossed $21.4M from 3,151 theaters. In the film, an American teen mysteriously travels back to ancient China and embarks on a quest to free the famed Monkey King. Chan and Li, who each got to play a double role, provided the star power to pull in paying audiences. I do like all Jackie Chan and Jet Li Honk Kong films, but I did not like any of there Hollowed films.
This is the list of top ten films in the US:

1- The Forbidden Kingdom $21,401,121
2- Forgetting Sarah Marshall $17,725,330
3- Prom Night $8,670,364
4- 88 Minutes $6,957,216
5- Nim’s Island $5,687,072
6- 21 $5,520,362
7- Street Kings $4,179,505
8- Horton Hears A Who $3,511,834
9- Leatherheads $3,049,465
10-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed $2,970,848



  1. comic fans are in for a treat with Ironman, it’s freaking awsome……!!!

    and yeah I saw it

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