Posted by: moviechat | May 5, 2008

Did you see Samuel Jackson in Iron Man?

I hope by now you’ve seen the greatest Marvel movie Iron man witch it made in the first weekend $100.8M in the US and $201M internationally, and I hope that you have seen the final scene at the end of the credits where Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury tells Tony Stark he’s not the only superhero out there and that he wants to talk to him about the “Avengers Initiative.” An Avengers movie has been rumored for quite some time but now it seems like it could be a reality.



  1. Was this after the closing credits? I don’t remember it.

  2. Yes after closing credits

  3. “Witch” You mean “which.” And I saw a spoiler coming so I didn’t read any further. Nice job. (That’s sarcasm.)

  4. hi this is me saba but my brother faizan wanted to responce you and chat too

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