Posted by: moviechat | May 12, 2008

Go Iron Man Go

Iron Man dominated theaters all around the world with last weekend gross of $50.5M, and cumulative of $177.1M. It will defiantly make $250M. Did you see Captain America’s shield in the film? The scene in which you can see the shield is after Iron Man returns from Afghanistan after he fights the two F-22 fighter jets, it shows him back in his lab trying to remove his armor but having trouble. Right as Pepper Potts walks down into his lab and asks him “what is he doing?”, the shield can be seen sitting on one of his tables behind him in the lower left corner. I thought Captain America wasn’t around at this time and I thought he got his shield from S.H.I.E.L.D.?

On the other hand Speed Racer struggled in its opening weekend with opening weekend gross $20.2M, It will defiantly not reach $60M. IT also got off to a slow start overseas grossing just $12.8M from 30 markets. South Korea saw the largest international opening with $2.4M helped by the film’s casting of Korean pop star Rain.

This is the US weekend to ten for May 9- 11

1- Iron Man $50,500,000 Cumulative $177,134,000
2- Speed Racer $20,210,000 Cumulative $20,210,000
3- What Happens in Vegas $20,000,000 Cumulative $20,000,000
4- Made of Honor $7,600,000 Cumulative $26,275,000
5- Baby Mama $5,770,000 Cumulative $40,381,000
6- Forgetting Sarah Marshall $3,778,000 Cumulative $50,723,000
7- Harold & Kumar $3,155,000 Cumulative $30,716,000
8- The Forbidden Kingdom $1,900,000 Cumulative $48,261,000
9- Nim’s Island $1,325,000 Cumulative $44,257,000
10- Redbelt $1,140,000 Cumulative $1,237,000



  1. Ok I tried leaving a comment a minute ago, but I don’t think it went through.

    Here is a link to a video where they combined the previews for the old Batman movie and the Dark Knight movie. You’ve probably already seen it though, since you know about everything movie-related before me.

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