Posted by: moviechat | May 23, 2008

Christian Bale in Terminator

Derek Anderson Terminator Salvation producer spoke to BBC at Cannes and said “[Christian Bale] read the script and he loved it, so he’s signed on for all three.” We’ve known for some time that the next Terminator installment would set up a new trilogy for the franchise, and that Bale is to assume the role of rebel leader John Connor in the 2009 film;

The newcomer Sam Worthington, who received a nice recommendation by none other than James Cameron himself, is set to assume the role of a new rebel fighter by the name of Marcus. No one knows who will be Terminator but Director McG has previously hinted at folks ranging from Russell Crowe to Eric Bana to – Josh Brolin

Production on Terminator 4 has already started in anticipation of the May 22nd, 2009 release date. And despite rumoring, there’s no word yet on whether Arnold might make a cameo in the new film


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