Posted by: moviechat | June 22, 2008

2011 is going to be one hell of an incredible year

Producer Laura Ziskin told theaters owners on Thursday that Spider-Man 4 is tentatively scheduled to arrive in May of 2011. The Hobbit is going to make its triumphant debut, most likely in the fall, just like Lord of the Rings. Additionally from Marvel, Captain America will make his debut and we’ll most likely see the biggest geek dream of all – The Avengers. If Transformers keeps up on its two year schedule, we’ll also be watching Transformers 3 in the summer. And if Christopher Nolan keeps up with his three year schedule, we’ll probably be watching Batman Begins 3 in 2011 as well. Add Spider-Man 4 to that list and I think most geeks will have fainted.


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