Posted by: moviechat | July 21, 2008

New opening weekend box office record

The Dark Knight made $155.3M over the Friday-to-Sunday period to set a new industry benchmark, the PG-13 comic book flick edged past the previous opening weekend record of $151.1M held by another superhero sequel Spider-Man 3 from the first weekend of May last year. Batman’s gross included $18.5M from Thursday night shows between midnight and 3am which also set a record beating the $16.9M of 2005’s Star Wars Episode III. Critics piled on praise for the $180M-budgeted Dark Knight which scored some of the best reviews of the year.

Also adding excitement to the film’s release was the fact that Dark Knight was the first regular movie to use IMAX cameras during filming. Six action sequences were shot with the heavy-duty equipment allowing those who see the film in IMAX theaters a greater entertainment experience. This helped Knight set a new record for biggest IMAX opening with $6.2M from 94 venues this weekend for a scorching $66,000 average. Ticket prices are also higher for the large screen format

After just three days of release, The Dark Knight is already the sixth biggest blockbuster of the summer and is virtually guaranteed to swipe the 2008 box office crown away from Iron Man in the coming weeks. With all students out of school in July, midweek grosses will be much stronger than in early May when the metal man and the last webslinger pic debuted.

Top Ten Summer 2008 Blockbusters (21 July 2008)

1 Iron Man $314.4 May
2 Indiana Jones $312.6 May
3 Kung Fu Panda $206.5 June
4 Hancock $191.5 July
5 WALL•E $182.5 June
6 The Dark Knight $155.3 July
7 Sex and the City $149.9 May
8 Chronicles of Narnia $139.5 May
9 The Incredible Hulk $131.8 June
10 Wanted $123.3 June


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