Posted by: moviechat | July 28, 2008

The Dark Knight Smashed More Records

More records were smashed into bits by the unstoppable megahit The Dark Knight which grossed an estimated $75.6M and cumulative $314.2M after only ten days, the Warner Bros. release shattered the $300M mark in record time. The old record was held by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest which banked $258.4M of loot over its first ten days and crossed the triple-century mark in 16 days.

The new Batman film also set a new record for the largest second weekend gross outdistancing the $72.2M that Shrek 2 hauled in back in May 2004. Knight has now virtually matched the $314.9M collected by Iron Man over the last three months and will become the year’s highest grossing blockbuster on Monday. On the all-time list, the new Joker saga has quickly climbed up to number 23 sitting right next to 2001’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Overseas, The Dark Knight was a dominant force grossing an estimated $65.6M and ranking number one in 43 markets. The opening in the United Kingdom which followed last week’s glitzy London premiere led the way with $22.3M, including previews, while holdover markets dropped by an average of only 38%. The early international cume rose to $126.3M putting the global tally at a stunning $440.5M with major territories like Japan, Germany, Korea, and France still to open. A worldwide haul of more than $1 billion is certainly possible for Bruce Wayne and pals.

Top Ten Summer 2008 Blockbusters (28 July 2000)

1-Iron Man $314.9
2-The Dark Knight $314.2
3-Indiana Jones $313.6
4-Kung Fu Panda $209.0
5-Hancock $206.4
6-WALL•E $195.2
7-Sex and the City $150.7
8-The Chronicles of Narnia $139.8
9-The Incredible Hulk $132.3
10-Wanted $128.6



  1. Finally a movie that smashed the record and deserves it. Amazing movie and very deep too.

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