Posted by: moviechat | August 11, 2008

Things That I Did Not Like About The Dark Knight – Spoiler

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler

The Dark Knight grossed an estimated $26M in its fourth weekend to boost the 24-day total to an unbelievable $441.5M, the superhero sequel shot up to number three on the list of all-time domestic blockbusters and sits behind only Titanic which grossed $600.8M during one theatrical run across 1997 and 1998, and Star Wars which took in $461M from multiple releases over different decades.

The Dark Knight is damned good movie, and the best this year, but this is a list of things that I did not like, If you did not see the film stop reading this blog big spoiler is coming.

2 hours, 32 minutes. Now, the film didn’t feel that long while watching it and it didn’t really drag at all, but the length did affect some of the “wow” feeling.
– Two-Face Dies. Now this is a comic movie and it’s possible he’s alive and will be back, but I’m not sure if I like the habit of killing off the villains at the end of the Bat movies. Batman isn’t supposed to be a killer and yet in the past two films he’s definitely helped along their deaths, whether by tackling them over a ledge or just refusing to rescue them.
– Christian Bale’s Batman voice. WTF is sounds like cookie monster.
– Gordon “Dies.” I should have known something was up when we didn’t see much of the actual ‘death’ but I was legitimately pissed at the movie at that point. If not for his resurrection, I would hate this film. I was totally convinced the mysterious driver was a bad guy right until the end of the chase. I love Gordon and I love Gary Oldman.
– cell phone gps or bat sonar city wide cell phone thing. I’m not sure I need to say more but I found this really lame, and it started to have problems it blinded Batman, what theres no off switch?
– The Rachel Dawes character wasn’t good or interesting and I’m kinda glad she died
– Last I do not know if I like or dislike that Gotham is now Chicago not Manhattan



  1. I wrote a similar post.

  2. Hi 3baid

    I like you’re post, but I disagree with the following points:
    Bat Cave: he is still building his house, the time line of the story ark is not far from the first batman film.
    The destruction of the batmobile: I love this scene. I was sad when batmobile was destroyed but I was exited for the idea that there will be new batmobile.
    For the other 3 point I agree with you.
    This is the first time I see you’re blog and I’ll like it. It is in my daily blog list now

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