Posted by: moviechat | August 27, 2008

The Good the Bad of 2008 summer

What a great summer it was much more of a hit affair than the misses. A few disappointments, but that is expected. This is a list of the best and worst 5 films of summer 2008.

Worst Film

1-The Happening:M. Night Shyamalan did it once again. What a waste of time. Bad story and very bad performances. Last when we finally get to the twist @WTF@.
2-The Love Guru: Unfunny return for Mike Myers. The only good thing about the film is Jessica Alba’s “fun to look at”, but the rest of the movie certainly isn’t.
3-The – X Files: I waited for 6 years for this?
4-You Don’t Mess With The Zohan: This movie just a waste of time. Not funny at all.
5-Speed Racer: The only good thing about this film is the special effects.

The Best film

5- Kung Fu Panda: When I was watching this I felt the same type of refreshing feeling I did when I saw first Shrek installment years ago. It’s witty, smart and actually utilizes its voice cast more than just to gather a bunch of stars and see if you can guess who it is.
4- Tropic Thunder: Ben Stiller is the writer, Director, and producer, but the funny thing is, he is the weakest part of the film. Robert Downey Jr., in an even better turn than Iron Man, Knocked Up’s Jay Burachel and Brandon T. Jackson anchor the movie’s funniest parts. The fake trailers alone at the beginning of the movie are priceless.
3- Iron Man: Downey Jr., he IS Tony Stark. He nails the role down, and the ending cliffhanger is actually worth sitting through the credits for.
2- The Dark Knight: What can I say, the movie’s made nearly $500 million at the box office, and If you haven’t seen it yet, go. And if you have, see it again.
1- Wall-E: What? The Dark Knight isn’t my number one film of the summer? Will, the only reason that I gave Wall-E number one is that the fact that it goes thirty minutes without a hint of dialogue and still Beautiful, funny, and entertains is mesmerizing and something that will withstand the test time. It is a piece of artistry. In other words, it is a classic.



  1. I haven’t seen any of them:/

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