Posted by: moviechat | November 17, 2008

The biggest James Bond opening in franchise history

Quantum of Solace estimated $70.4M this weekend exceeding industry expectations. Solace also ranks as the fourth biggest opener of 2008 and the fifth best November bow ever.
Overseas, Craig and company raked in another $56.1M on 10,460 screens in the third weekend of international play to boost that tally to $252M putting the worldwide cume at an eye-popping $322M. Look for the $400M barrier to crumble as soon as next weekend as Quantum eventually makes its way past Casino Royale to set a new high for the lucrative franchise, especially with major markets like Japan and Australia still to open

I did like the film, but it didn’t feel like a Bond film. When it comes down to it, this film was not a satisfying conclusion to Casino Royale, but rather an excellent set up to the third chapter in an amazing trilogy. I believer the quality of the third chapter will determine how QoS is remembered. If it knocks it out of the park and delivers an unbelievable finale, then QoS will be considered The Two Towers of the Daniel Craig trilogy, an action packed second chapter in a phenomenal trilogy. If the third film sucks, the Quantum of Solace will be the Matrix Reloaded, the action packed second chapter in a trilogy that started out promising and declined with each iteration.


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