Posted by: moviechat | November 30, 2008

My take on the Latest outing of Mr. Bond


Hello dear readers its been a while since I wrote anything in here, Fahad was in charge for all those good posts, but life was kicking me in the ass and its still hurts, and I decided, the hell with it, let me write something.

Ok so I went the see Quantum of Solace for the second time, giving it another chance and to be sure I didn’t miss anything. Like what Fahad said, the movie is full of good action among other things, but lets take it one at a time. There something familiar about the rooftops chase, the mountain motorbike, the apartment fight, and the “camera following the fall” shot, there all a copy of the original bourne ultimatum. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to take anything from Daniel Craig, I think he is a superb James Bond, nevertheless, I couldn’t help not to compare.

I loved the car chase, dynamic, fast, and gives a great rush, I worked hard to hide my pain seeing my beloved Aston Martin being trashed.

But still, my biggest problem with QoS is that there weren’t any good life, no exotic places that make you wanna pick up your bag and travel. Unlike Montenegro and Venice in Casino Royal, we got desert and sand, and a hotel in the middle of no where!

One last thing, What happen to “the name is Bond…James Bond”? but still it’s a James Bond movie and you gotta love it.


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